Application for membership

Membership in the association will enable you to present your garden and any events taking place in it on a specific page of the website and in the annual leaflet.
70,000 copies of it are published and distributed to tourist offices, cultural sites, tourism fairs, tourist attractions, hotels, garden centres, plant festivals and other events associated with gardens.

You’ll enhance our region’s attractiveness by joining forces with approximately 78 other members, 20 of whom have the “Remarkable Garden” designation.

Executive Committee :
Apply by email :

Association :
Any owner of a garden meeting the specifications drafted by the association in its charter. Application by email with a description of the garden, its location, your contact details and a few representative photos. Two members of the executive committee will carry out a prospective membership visit.

Associated garden :
Same process as for a full member but without the restrictions for opening days.

Charter :
The goal of the charter is to set the rules ensuring the quality of the offering and the cohesiveness of the network of Parks and Gardens of Alsace.
Member commitments :

  • You must present a park or garden that is well maintained, clean, secure, with no work being performed on opening days (except in case of force majeure events), although gardening work may be done.
  • Your membership will have been validated by a committee of at least 3 people, and it will be valid for a 3-year term, during which a follow-up visit may take place.
  • All new members must present their garden or park during the review meeting or during the annual general meeting.
  • Your membership dues must be paid up by 1st February of each year.
  • Updated information regarding the garden or park must be provided by 5 November of the current year at the latest, in order to be included in the leaflet, which will be distributed in spring of the following year.
  • You commit to opening your park or garden for the number of days set by the executive committee, in order to make it a genuine tourist attraction. The current number is 50 days per year minimum.
  • You undertake to distribute at least 300 leaflets in the area in close proximity to the garden.
  • You must personally pick up these leaflets by appointment at the following pickup points:

    Jardin de l’Escalier, 10 rue de Pfaffenhoffen – 67170 BRUMATH
    Michelle SCHNEIDER : 03 88 51 99 14 / 06 08 69 55 68

    Jardin d’un Brocanteur, 76 Rue de la Vallée Saint-Ulrich – 67140 BARR
    Christian FONTAINE : 06 09 71 67 99

    Parc de Schoppenwihr – 68126 BENWIHR-GARE
    François de WATTEVILLE : 03 89 41 22 37 / 06 45 63 02 60

    Pépinière Municipale de Mulhouse, 45 Avenue du Repos – 68100 MULHOUSE
    Eléonore JEAN DIT PANNEL : 03 89 32 68 70 poste 5676 / 07 86 43 56 68

  • The members must present the leaflet on their premises and promote all of the network’s gardens.
  • You must have a Facebook page so that the information provided on it can be reposted on the association’s Facebook page, in order to ensure better visibility.
  • All documents you issue, as well as your website, must display the association’s logo.
  • You must be open for the Encounters in the Gardens and/or European Heritage Days events.
  • You must send your visitor statistics to the association.
  • Non-compliance with the charter may result in your membership being terminated.

Membership card :
Every year in February, after paying the membership fee, members receive an association membership card, indicating:

  • the year, watermarked to prevent counterfeiting
  • the number of their garden on the map of the association’s annual leaflet
  • the gardener’s name
  • the garden’s name

Upon presentation of this card, certain garden centres, nurseries and other businesses relating to gardens will provide discounts at the rate set by the managers of these companies.

List of companies :


M. Christian Fontaine
76 Rue de la Vallée Saint-Ulrich
67140 BARR

06 09 71 67 99