Neighbouring gardens : “Les Jardins du Grand Est”

Whether public or private, classical or contemporary, botanical or stately: the possibilities are endless in the Gardens of Lorraine !

The rich history of Lorraine reaches back through the ages and is uniquely reflected in each garden. From the Middle Ages to the present day, the plants, composition and design of gardens have evolved according to the needs and ideas of society, wars, outside influences, and more.

The history of the gardens of Lorraine goes back a very long way. Already in the 3rd century, the poet Ausonius paid tribute to Moselle’s hillsides and grassy banks. From the 16th century, we remember the splendid gardens of the Dukes of Lorraine; a splendour that was soon manifested in the neighbouring castles as well. Under Napoleon III, Nancy became a place of innovative horticulture, renowned worldwide for its creation of new species. Until 1914, influenced by Art Nouveau, artists and gardeners collaborated closely to create designs. Finally, since the 1970s, a creative movement has flourished once more: remarkable flowers, free interpretations, artwork integrated into gardens; everything points to Lorraine remaining a powerful source of creativity and beauty for its gardens.