Le Jardin Les Pieds dans l’Herbe


18 rue du Cimetière – 67850 HERRLISHEIM
+33 (0)6 45 80 66 90


The garden is in a former orchard that was planted by my grandfather, and we have progressively transformed it since 1986.
Narrow and long, it is located behind the house, and a pergola, sitting in the shade of a magnolia tree, and a trellis serve as the transition between the courtyard and the garden. A long, grassy pathway winds its way to the end, lined with beds mainly featuring perennials, roses and spring bulbs, together with rusty items and objects made of zinc, with their own tales to tell.

A quince tree, certified as a “Remarkable Tree”, is admired by all of our visitors.

Designed and created by four hands, this garden is intended to be both restful and vibrant, thanks to the wide variety of pollen gatherers and birds that are welcome here. The garden also changes over the seasons and with our wishes and desires.

Surface area

1 200 m2

Opening Hours

By appointment.


Donation at visitor’s discretion.

On site

Individual tour



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