Les Ifs


8, rue du maréchal Foch – 67730 CHÂTENOIS
+33 (0)3 88 82 02 03


The yews are the treasure of this garden; they’ve been planted, grown and carefully tended to since the 90s. A large collection of rose bushes, fruit trees and small fruit bushes, a very large old linden tree, a honey locust tree and a silver maple, much younger but already rivalling it, shrubs of all kinds… The focus is now on local species, adapted to the warm, dry climate of summers here in Châtenois. Thus, amongst the classic perennials, you’ll find numerous flowers typical of our natural environment, which are a delight to behold: winter aconites, wood anemones, bellflowers, campions, stonecrops, yarrows, and more.
You can wander through the garden, from one area to the next, each one surrounded by hornbeam hedges, beeches and, of course, yews, which are so beloved by many birds.

Surface area

2 600 m2

Opening Hours

By appointment only.


Guided tour by request for individuals or groups.

On site

Visitors with reduced mobility

Pets allowed on a lead



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